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Thank you for visiting Lawson LLP. The offices have now closed.

We invite you to contact our lawyers at the email/phone numbers listed below.

For those lawyers practicing at Marta Watson LLP, please also visit our website at
Name Email Phone number
Jillian Beaulieu 416.868.7156
Michael Blinick 416.868.7159
Rosemary Cosentino 416.593.4411
Rebecca Dervaitis 416.691.9858
Charles Gluek 416.868.2327
Jonathan Hale 416.864.3310
Joseph Hogan 416.868.7158
Sonya Katrycz 416.777.2811
Lazina Khan 416.479.5433
Jeffrey LeRoy 416.864.3300
Barry Marta 416.868.2310
Diana Oliveira 416.868.7155
Elizabeth Scott 416.868.2318
Kathryn Watson 416.868.2326